Capital Finance

Seed Capital Funding:

Locheer is specialized and particular interested in area of:

  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Insurance
  • Consumer service / Products networks
  • Professional training & Education

Locheer’s key geographical focus is Asia-Pacific region including Great China.

Business we invested is likely to find a public market for its stock, or a good list of suitors for acquisition. We plan to be able to exit in our investment no more than five years.

Our investments are usually ranged from US 500,000 to US 1 million. We are interested in seed or early stage business as first-timers or project that require incubation but not in R&D stage.

Locheer requires an experienced team or founders who have managed business or had relevant profit and loss responsibility and obviously, successful entrepreneurs.

Locheer expects to be very involved with the company and management team, so we look for business/project with:

  • easy, effective two-way communications;
  • absolute integrity, honest and frankness;
  • mutual give and take;
  • people to whom we would want to spend time.

Capital Financing:

Locheer has over 25 years in capital fund raising industry and successfully developed a networks of international fund lenders. They are interested in projects of various stages with or without collateral.

Locheer welcomes serious and well prepared project owners whose project size is US 1M or above without upper limit.

Our project finance service has successfully arranged projects from one year short term loan US 1M to 8 years term US 1B syndication.

Banking instruments such as DLC, BG or SBLC from US/European prime banks can also be arranged to project owners/investors as collaterals for their bank facilities.